The Ultimate Guide to Shapewear Bodysuit for Every Season

The Ultimate Guide to Shapewear Bodysuit for Every Season

Os bodysuits tem cada vez mais sido procurados pelar mulheres, pois eles permitem que vocĂȘ create different types of looks with combinations for the most different times of the year. Therefore, this guide will help you choose the best one for you.


How to choose the bodysuit according to your body type?

Choosing a bodysuit that suits your body type is essential to ensuring you feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Women who have an hourglass (or pear) body need to choose bodysuits that emphasize their waist, such as fits with high-waisted details or belts.

Therefore, opt for bodysuits with a V-neck or U-neck, which help balance the proportion between bust and hips.

For women with a more rectangular body look for bodysuits that create the illusion of curves, such as representation with ruffle details, drapes or pleats in the bust area. Therefore, choose deep v lace bodysuit with a cinched waist or styles that come with belts to create definition in the waist area, and opt for bodysuits with deeper necklines to add visual interest to your torso.

For the triangular (or Inverted Pear) body, you can opt for bodysuits that add volume to the bust area, such as shapewear with ruffle details, drapes or eye-catching prints. In this case, choose bodysuits with a V-neck or U-neck to balance the width of your shoulders and hips.

In the case of an oval (or Apple) body, look for bodysuits that help to lengthen and slim the silhouette, such as with vertical lines, asymmetrical details or cuts that direct the look up and down.

And for the Inverted Hourglass body, choose bodysuits that emphasize your waist, such as shapewears with belts or high-waisted details. In this case, opt for bodysuits with more closed necklines to balance the width of your shoulders

How to match the bodysuit to your skin color?

By matching a bodysuit to your skin color, you can create an elegant, sophisticated look that complements your natural tone. To do this, opt for a bodysuit in a shade that is similar to your skin color. This can help create a more fluid, seamless appearance, giving the illusion of more even skin and visually lengthening the silhouette.

Take your skin undertones into consideration when choosing the color of your bodysuit. For example, if you have a warm undertone, you might opt for beige or peach tones. For cool undertones, pale pink or light gray tones can work well.


If you prefer a little more visual interest, you can opt for a mesh body shaper with details such as lace, embroidery or subtle textures. These elements can add dimension to your look without compromising harmony with your skin color.

Now if you want a little more contrast in your look, you can add layers or accessories in colors that contrast with your skin color. For example, a dark blazer, a printed skirt or a colorful scarf can create a beautiful contrast and make the bodysuit stand out.

If you have tanned or tanned skin, you can opt for warmer nude tones like golden beige or bronze to complement your skin tone. However, you can also use colors to create incredible looks that also suit your color palette

Why choose Popilush bodysuits?

As choosing a bodysuit varies greatly in style, colors and also types of bodysuits you can count on Popilush for this variety. Because, in addition to having different styles, they also try to bring fashionable clothes that can create even more looks.


Their sizes are also very varied, which makes it easier when choosing, as each person has a different body and needs to adapt to all sizes. Therefore, you will be able to have sculpting bodysuit that best suits you and your body.

Furthermore, the various colors and undertones that you can find will allow you to create a large number of combinations with clothes you already have and thus make your style the way you like it most. Whether with a skirt, pants or even if you want to wear it under other clothes.

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